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Main Revenue (START / GOAL)

〒088-3201 北海道川上郡弟子屈町摩周3丁目3番1号


- 80 min. drive from Kushiro Airport
- 70 min. drive from Memanbetsu Airport
- 60 min. drive from Nakashibetsu Airport
- 90 min. drive from Kushiro city center.
- 90 min. drive from Akan IC, the nearest interchange on the Doto Expressway.
- 80-90 min. from Kushiro station to Mashu or Kawayu Onsen station by JR Senmo Honsen Line.
Taxis are available from the station by request.
Taxi company - Mashu Hire Tel: 015-482-3939
If you have a bicycle bag, please tell them when you call.


Where to stay ?

It is convenient to stay in Mashu area or Kawayu Onsen area during the event. There are different types of accommodations in Teshikaga and most accommodations have hot spring facilities.
Please refer to our website:

We can provide a discounted price for accommodation including early breakfast and hot spring use after the event.
For details, please download the file.

LinkIconClick here and Download the 6th Granfondo accommodation aplication form (PDF file)


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