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Can I ride any kind of bicycle?
The bicycle for Long Course of 130km (June 2) must be a sports type with multiple gearshift. A MTB or a Cross bike could be used, but we recommend you take a Road bike since all courses are 100% paved. For the Short Course of 60km (June 2), a regular bicycle is allowed. Every year, local elementary school children participate in this short course.
We do have a rental service for sports type bicycle (Road bike and Cross bike).
Do I need to prepare food and drinks?
There will be aid stations/checkpoints. We will provide enough food and drinks at each aid station/checkpoint. If you need special supplements or a sports drink, or you have allergies, please prepare them yourself.
Are there convenience stores or public bathrooms on the course?
There are bathrooms and food at each aid station/checkpoint, and major sightseeing facilities have bathrooms and small stores. Please use them since there are no convenience stores or other public bathrooms on the course.
How is the weather? What kind of clothes should I bring?
At the end of May, usually the lowest temperature of a cold day is about 5℃ and the highest temperature of a warm day is about 25℃. We have high rate of fine weather during this season but the temperature drops steeply in early morning. On a cold day, you need gloves and inner cap under your helmet to protect yourself against the cold. Please prepare rain gears in case of rain.
Is there a parking lot at the Mashu Culture Center (Start & Goal point)?
Yes, there is a large parking lot in front of the center. The Mashu Culture Center is located about 4km from the Mashu area and about 20km from the Kawayu Onsen area.
Can you keep my luggage while cycling?
Yes, we can. Please ask at the registration desk at the Mashu Culture Center.
Can I leave my bicycle at the Mashu Culture Center on the first day?
Yes, you can. Please ask at the registration desk.
- Drop-off between 3:00pm and 4:00pm on June 1.
- Pick up after 7:00am on June 2.

What if I need to cancel my entry after the payment?
Once you complete the payment, we cannot offer refunds.
Can you refund the fees if the event is cancelled?
Even if the event is cancelled due to lack of participants or any natural disasters, we cannot offer any refunds. Thank you for your understanding.
In which case you will cancel the event?
If there are fewer than 50 participants on the entry due date, May 10, and/or if we expect exceptionally bad weather one day before the event date, we will cancel. In the case of cancellation, we will contact all the participants as soon as possible. If something unexpected happens on the event day, we will inform you of the event cancellation at the registration desk.
  •  We have never cancelled the event due to lack of participants until 2017.

Can I cycle freely from the start point to the goal?
You will cycle on your own pace. However, please do not overtake the staff member leading the way for each course.
Is there any traffic control on the course for this event?
No. There will be no special traffic control or restrictions for this event. Please follow the regular traffic rules and cycle safely. On May 26th and 27th, staff members will be waiting at the some of the intersections on the course. However, please follow traffic signals and stop signs AT ALL TIMES.
If I stop cycling in the middle of the course, how can I transfer to the goal?
There will be a car following the last cyclist of each course. You can take this car to get to the goal. Please be aware that you will only arrive at the goal after the last cyclist.
Is there a closing ceremony on May 27?
No. But you will receive a certificate after you reach your course's goal.